Magical loot

    • Bloodthirsty knife
    • Blood drenched altar
    • Soul looky glasses
    • Nearly awakened magic brand gipsy fortune charms
    • The Ring of Truth
    • The completely normal mask
    • Alrick the talking head
    • The Crown of the fortress of Solitude
    • 1 bar of Argentum (perfected lead)
    • 1 piece of perfected flesh
    • 2/3 of pile of perfected wood
    • A totally legit Fate/life soulstone with the Sparks of Prometheus legacy found under the sofa couches in our Switz sanctum.
    • A VERY secure chest containing loot?

    Other Stuff

      • Energy Drinks
      • Div. Human Membranes
      • Medical Gloves (Nitrile)
      • Hotel soap and minibar potato chips
      • Cash register with fettered spirit
      • 100 mana worth of apples
      • 12 mana worth of liquid tass
      • Annotated Map of Sahara
      • Paper talking about item in Prague
      • Floor plan of the CIA building


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