Devil Be GoodJason Webley


Shadow Name: Hornaeus
Aliases: Becket (Dublin)
Sympathetic Name:
Path: Mastigos
Arcana: Disciple of Mind, Apprentice of Death, Apprentice of Space
Nimbus: Sickening righteousness, everything would be better if you were in charge
Order: Silver Ladder
Cabal: The Wildfire
Tools: Nail from pyre of a witch burning


Aspirations: Make a situation escalate by trying to fix it, Get Phenix in a more politically untouchable position in the Consillium, Learn more about old Horneus and possibly get a ghost ally out of it idk
Obsession: Figure out magical ways to tie people mentally closer( Like replicating the telepathy bonus we god when robbing the cash register)

Desired Rotes:
Read the Depths
Without a trace
Soul Marks
Without a Trace
Locate Object


We Didn't Start The Fire johannes_vassdal