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Shadow Name: Ifrit
Aliases: Achmed (Dublin)
Sympathetic Name: Wasim Abd Mohammad
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Adept of Life, Disciple of Spirit, Apprentice of Time, Apprentice of Mind
Cabal: The Wildfire

Virtue: Loyal
Vice: Indulging

Tools: Copper switch-blade, pocket Qu’ran, big mirror (in sanctum)

Age: 18 (Feb. 24.)

Immediate Nimbus: Your pulse quickens and your body heat rises. You start sweating. The air around Ifrit shimmers, as though he was a bonfire.
Signature Nimbus: Item or target feels hot, as though recently handled by someone with very warm hands. Also smells of smoke. If handled very recently the air might shimmer around it, as though very hot.

Known Praxes:
Cleanse the Body (Life 1), cast daily
Choose the Thread (Time 2)
Know Nature (Mind 1)

Known Rotes:
Postcognition (Time 1, Streetwise)
Knit (Life 3, Larceny (slight of hand))
Honing the Form (Life 3, Larceny)
Memory Hole (Mind 2, Expression)1

1 Advanced Duration if cast on cabalmate with at least Strong Sympathy


1. Explore the Shadow and it’s political landscape (Who’s in charge in various areas of Stockholm?).
2. Get a date (or, ya know, more) with Hierarch Abagnale.
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