We Didn't Start The Fire

Dr. Strange's Weed Party
Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the cake

The cabal decides to have a little gathering with all the new mages from the introductory course. After inviting everyone, Phenix rents a section of the local cinema, including a room where people can mingle and a small auditorium and a showing of Dr. Strange.

Meanwhile Hornaeus ask Linnaeus for some weed. Linnaeus Mentions that he grows some magically enhanced weed, that he and Viktor used when doing astral travel.

At the party, once the weed kicked in, several people experienced astral projections or started astral travelling. Phenix ends up in an astral D&D campaign before getting kicked out for metagaming.

Ifrit on the other hand seemingly ends up in another persons oneiros, and ihas ended up in the memory of one of the people that attacked them in the basement of St. James Hospital. After trying to manipulate the memory as much as he can he learns that the two mages are named Il Dottore and Il Capitano, and that they were after some artifacts, a crown and a monocle stashed in one of the other trash bins.

Trying to find another memory containing some hot chicks he ends up in a memry of Il Dottore talking with unknown woman. During the conversation Il Dottore mention that Pantaleone is the head of the group.

Back in the real world Hornaeus tries as best he can to ensure everyone has a good time. While using his mind magics to check on his guests, he sees that Johannes has astral traveled to Louisiana and is enjoying a drink with Baron Samedi, and apperently enjoying him self.

Insane in The Membrane
Not in the brain though

After ordering most of the ingredients for the ritual, the group finds that no one actually sells an amniotic sac of a stillborn child, (not even ebay) the group heads to St James Hospital to steal one. While rummaging through hospital trash in the incinerator room, the cabal is disturbed by two men. The cabal gathers all the membranes they can find and makes an escape, but not before one of them fires of an attack spell towards Burnout. The group finds an unused warehouse in the harbour district to summon the Dream tearers and kills them by burning down the building. After returning home they are met at the airport by Lucifer, who mentions that the concilium are interested in hold a hearing with the cabal concerning their intergration into the Stockholm concilium.

The Rocky Road to Viktor
Joining the Silent Majority

The cabal goes to visit Viktor’s only known friend in the concilium. After chatting with Linneaus a while, they discover that Viktor sent him a clue that he had departed for Dublin. Immidiatly buying a plane ticket to Dublin, the cabal then discovers Viktor had a obsession with a long dead cabal called Keepers of the Truth. The cabal takes a look at the Keepers’ charter and discovers it contains the steps necessary to join the cabal. After following the instructions, Phenix. joins the cabal. The cabal discovers the the Keepers’ sanctum and in there finds a magically enchanted pantry and a backpack belonging to Viktor. In it they find some notes describing a ritual to materialize the Dream Tearers so they can be killed.

No Rest For The Wicked(ly Inspired)
The Adventures Begin

The cabal is tasked by Phenix's mentor, Lucifer, to get some papers for her from a local maths professor. The cabal heads to the professor's apartment to find him lying dead in a tub filled with ice, hooked up to a contraption. The contraption looks to be designed to give him a shock whenever he fell asleep. In the apartment there are also other signs that he tried to avoid sleep (fridge full of energy drinks, tv on etc).

The cabal then needs to head to a introductory meeting for new cabals. While there a burning mage falls out of a portal. He point to the cabal and apparently questions their future choices before he dies. Everyone is ushered out of the room and while everyone waits for the Consilium clean-up crew, the cabal takes the opportunity to spread confusion and misinformation about who the mage was referring to. Four mages show up. Two of them entering the room with the corpse, and the other two starting to interviewing the witnesses.

The cabal later goes back and retrieves the corpse of the maths professor, (along with all the energy drinks they can carry). They locate the house of a person who is rumored to have built a machine to enter the dreams of the dead. This house belongs to Hans Gruber, one of the mages who showed up to investigate the dead mage at the introductory meeting.  He hooks up his machine to the corpse of the dead maths professor. They enter the subjects last dreams and see the  Giant floating testicles with mouths  invading. The cabal follow the monsters through a rift in the dream through to an astral realm seemingly only connected to the dream realm. 


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